Saturday, August 27, 2005

Eat like a Cave Man (Woman)

Such a nice day - 21C - spring just around the corner! Now in my 4th day - and strangely I feel quite good...Tom on the other hand looks like death warmed up...

Maybe because I have been through this final week before - I kind of knew what to expect. I now see this final week almost as a 'food cleanse/body detox' - protein/veggies first few days and slow introduction of carbs (rice cakes). It has actually made me re-think what my body feels best eating. Wholefoods are the way to go. I have a tendancy to eat a few too many serves of protein powder...thinking this may be a big factor in why I can feel quite bloated...also thinking brown rice may make me feel a little funny. May substitute it with sweet potato when I get back and see if the bloating subsides. Its good to 'get back to basics' with my body - like a clean canvas - and you can really tune in what it needs - not just craves... 'Become friends with it' as my mum said! Well, we had better start getting along - I need it for a few more years!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Paul McKenna

I watched Paul McKenna on TV last night and was facinated! I immediately jumped on his website and went out and bought 2 of his books today:
I Can Make You Thin
Change Your Life in 7 Days

Ok - the thought of that guy from the Simpsons ...'Hi, my name is ...and you may remember me from...' crossed my mind - but seriously this guy is so good!
I have just read I Can Make You Thin (took me less than 1 hour) and finished listening to the attached CD...and wow! I layed on the floor with a pillow and blanket and each speaker beside my head (next time will use my ipod) and really got a lot out of it.
I will follow his guidelines daily and listen to the CD each morning - will keep you updated with my progress.
Bring on my new self image!! saving the second book for when I am in lying on a beach in the Greek Islands this time next week! WOOHOO!!

Final Week TIPS!

No Im not glowing in the dark from the hormones in all the chicken I have been eating - but because I had my teeth laser whitened yesterday! They are so white! I had my braces removed in the final week of my last program and whitening was the final piece of the puzzle - I am no longer a human cheese grater!! Its amazing how much easier eating food is! Especially peanut favourite!

Not that I should even be thinking about peanut butter...I am in my 3rd day of the 'final week' - the second time I have done this. Its actually a little easier this time round though - probably because my boyfriend is also doing it (my partner in crime) and also because I know how great the end result will be. I am also more prepared in the food department this time...

Some tips for the 'final week'.

1. Buy all the diced chicken breast you need before you start! Between Tom and I that was over 12kg (holy moly!!)
2. Cut off excess fat, weigh and wrap in glad wrap. Freeze. I take out 5 portions the night before and defrost in fridge for the next day.
3. Get your veggies ready. I stuck to the 'anything that is green' rule: zucchini, beans, broccoli, lettuce, cucumber etc.
4. Cook easy. Dont over complicate your meals! You will be hungry and you will want to eat now! I have a Geaorge Foreman Grill kinda contraption (Sunbeam) which is fantastic! Slice your veggies, put them on the grill, close the lid and voila! I also cook my chicken like this and it comes out nice and brown - like little chicken nuggets! Hey - you have to try and be creative! Mushrooms are also great as they cook nice and juicy - giving extra flavour to the chicken.
5. Drink heaps of water - you will be thirsty! I have a 1.5ltr bottle which I fill 2-3 times a day.
6. I take a Swisse multivitamin every day.
7. I drink a black coffee with 1tbs skinny milk after Meal 1&3. I also drink herbal tea - green, licorice (Black Adder brand - yum!) and dandelion tea (Bovida sachets) which is an aquired taste but very good for you.
8. Make sure you eat every 3 hours: 7am/10am/1pm/4pm/7pm

Tomorrow I add 4xrice cakes with my first 4 meals - Tom has chosen sweet potato instead. I slice the sweet potato really thin, pop them on the magical grill and cook until dark brown and kinda crispy - like little potato chips - such a creative chef!!

Well - am now off to the gym! Its amazing how weak I feel during training - no way can I lift what I had been - am using baby weights! Then cardio on the cross-trainer and abs later this afternoon - so many reps!! That 6 pack will have no choice but to show itself!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Opening of the Olympics!

Well - here I am sitting writing in my blog - so cool!! I thought it may be a good time to start - give my boyfriend, friends and family a break from my usual rantings- and instead take it out on the Red Beatle...

I want my first topic to be about my involvement with - and its creator Sue Heintze! I have always been aware of my health - but realised I knew virtually nothing until I literally stumbled across Sue and her 12 week program!!

I have completed my first program and am currently sitting (or should I say running) in the middle of my second. I want to remain positive and motivated so will type my little fingers off about my every day doings/thoughts/inspirations etc etc.

So let the games begin!


this is my first post...