Saturday, November 05, 2005


Hi everyone!

I have opened another blog with cool gal Kat - a fitness buddy who is also starting a 12 week program this Monday - November 7th!! So Redbeatles will be having a well deserved 'rest' for the next few months.

So come and visit both Kat and I on:

See you soon! Bella x

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Rae entered her very first Figure Bodybuilding Competition in Perth, Western Australia - October 15 and received SECOND PLACE!! WOOHOO!! - also check out her Stage Pics from the National Comp - INBA Australia - SHE LOOKS BEYOND AMAZING!!!

Monday, October 31, 2005

9 weeks till 2006!

November 1st tomorrow! 9 weeks until NYE!

My ITB is still twingy but I wanted the last couple of months of 2005 to be strong for me - thus the '9 week countdown' where I WILL get down to 14% body fat.

So, my blogs will be documenting this little journey - should be a fun ride!

ok.. another pic of madge - her body is so hot!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

ITB Update!

You know the story so far, but to update you on my healing progress....

- On friday I rang my physio crying in pain saying I will never be able to do cardio again.....
- My boyfriend had taken our car to work so I had to walk to the physio: normally a 10 min walk...
- it was a looong 35min walk to the physio! I was wearing grey trackie pants, grey trackie top and a dark grey cap. It wasnt until I saw myself in the mirror that I realised I looked like a robot mime doing street busking!! Even my arms were completely rigid as I was in so much pain! Had to laugh - it actually cheered me up momentarily!
- Physio appointment: had to laugh again! The weirdest thing - the massage was so painful I couldnt stop laughing!!! I sounded like one of those nutty witches that cackle crazily as she rides her broom into the moonlight!
- Next thing I know, I leave the appointment buying a blue ball with spikes on it - similar to the toy my dog chews obsessively in the back yard! I was instructed to sit my right bum cheek on it until I felt the most intense pain shoot up my right leg! God - and to think thats all I needed to do!...
- Lastly I bought a pack of 'Hotteeze' ('the amazing stick-on heat pads') which I am to wear (again on my right bum cheek) for 12 hours straight. Was told a couple of times by the physio receptionist not to stick it straight onto my skin but over my also says in the packet 'do not put Hotteeze in your mouth'...

Sooooo, after all this, I woke up the next morning.....


Ok - I still had a couple of crippling shooting pains in my knee - but nothing like it was! WOOHOO! I wont be getting too excited and do something as stupid as going for a run (although it did cross my mind...) but I will work toward getting my cross-trainer transported to my appartment by the end of the week in anticipation!


Madonna Muscles

I wonder if Madonna also did Sues program?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Your own RULES!

This is for my best blogger buddy Kat - thought you would appreciate this...

'Just remember this: 1 year from now, those birthdays and holidays will be distant memories, but you will still be YOU, in your body, and that’s based on your decisions ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow’, not on someone else’s idea of a social agenda. Seriously…get ruthless, as we say in M-Power, and set your own schedule. Enjoy those times under your ‘own’ rules. If people don’t understand, ——- em.

Did I say that outloud? No, no I didn’t…I just type a bunch of dashes! : )

As I say, they don’t pay your medical bills or have to wear your clothes, now do they?'

source: Jon Benson blog : Oct 27.

Snail (elliptic) Trail

Today is a cardio day - which means nothing to me right now. Yes, still have the ITB thing going on. Strangely though I feel ok - I actually feel strong!! I felt fantastic during yesterdays weights and my nutrition has been spot on! Ive been stretching like a yoga master and fingers crossed my ITB will be better by next week -IT WILL BE BETTER!!

Cant believe its only 9 weeks until NYE! HOLY COW! At least for the first time ever my new years resolution wont be 'to be healthy/start exercising/eat better blah blah blah.' Cool - so I will have new goals :-) !!!

Hey, did I tell you guys I bought a 'elliptic trainer' from my gym!!?!! WOOOHOOO!!
So exciting! The owner of the gym is upgrading his cardio equipment and sold me the elliptic trainer for $250 - I thought that was a great price! It has a digital face/timer and works perfect! Now its just working out how the hell to transport the monster to my apartment! (it looks like a huge snail) I already have a spot for it - right under the airconditioner - right infront of the tv - right in the middle of my apartment!! To say it will be a 'feature piece is an understatement!!

Will have it just in time for my full ITB recovery...any day now!!!!

Monday, October 24, 2005

10 in 10 Challenge

Ok - so you havent heard from me for a couple of days...only because I have been coming to grips with this freakin 'condition' (it was the nicest description I could use) called ITB.

I have been unable to do cardio for 6 days...i repeat 6 DAYS!!!! Until 2 days ago I could not walk down 1 step - now you understand why I have been keeping low - either that or people will get to see me FREAK OUT!!! (which only my boyfriend has the honour of witnessing...)

Anyway, I was excited today - yes, because the pain in my knee was easing to just a dull stab - but also because Jon Benson had started a blog!

'Jon is an internationally recognized transformation lifecoach, specializing in mental strategies for the excellence lifestyle, fat-burning nutrition and superior physical fitness. His first e-book, "Fit Over 40", shot to number 2 within less than a week and continues to grow in popularity. The book profiles 52 real-life "role models" who have transformed their bodies at various ages, ranging from 40 to 80.'

Jons mission / goal with The 10 in 10 Challenge is three-fold:


Have to say those 3 words are enough to motivate me into getting involved in the challenge - remember its a LIFESTYLE choice not just a shitty FAD - and Jon is for keeps!!

Check it out - its easy to read, informative and motivating - another blog to add to your favourites!

Carrot Overdose!

A friend emailed me this yesterday - I found it so disturbing I thought I would share it with you all.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

and hold for 20seconds...

Because of my ITB - I will need to stretch like SJP...

.....ok, yes I am bored.


Ohhhhhhhhh nooooooooo! I am in sooooooooo much pain!!! It was the most perfect morning for a run - and that is exactly what I did. 30mins into it I started to get a dull pain to the side of my right knee....this is what happened last week....yes - it is ITB (Iliotibial Band Syndrome)!!!

I have never suffered from ITB before - so annoying! I feel so fit and strong and then this thing happens! Geez - such are the 'tests' of life!!

Moisturiser, 1 apple (was told a rolling pin would be better!), packet of frozen peas and a whole lot of swearing! This ITB business is so damn hard to massage and stretch!!

Hopefully I can coordinate some cardio at the gym - AAGGHR!