Thursday, October 27, 2005

Your own RULES!

This is for my best blogger buddy Kat - thought you would appreciate this...

'Just remember this: 1 year from now, those birthdays and holidays will be distant memories, but you will still be YOU, in your body, and that’s based on your decisions ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow’, not on someone else’s idea of a social agenda. Seriously…get ruthless, as we say in M-Power, and set your own schedule. Enjoy those times under your ‘own’ rules. If people don’t understand, ——- em.

Did I say that outloud? No, no I didn’t…I just type a bunch of dashes! : )

As I say, they don’t pay your medical bills or have to wear your clothes, now do they?'

source: Jon Benson blog : Oct 27.


At 10:22 AM, Blogger Kaddy said...

hey bella, thanks for that. I put put my foot down last night and told my partner what I want from life and that i don't think very much of his 'unhealthy' life choices and the fact that it is totally opposing where im trying to go with my life, not support it. He's verbally very supportive, but actions speak louder than words right!? Anyway, i supposed i gotta get used to making the right decisions for me, start to know what i really what, really belive in myself and hopefully the rest will just follow. I keep making excuses - my friends over etc etc but no one has forced me to put the chocolate in my mouth or the hot chips or UDL's... im just so mad at myself for not seeing this last week out. My scales have gone from 55 to 57.5 in the last couple of days... fluid retention u think?? anyway, i have still been working out and eating on track 90% of the time.... aim is 100% for the remainder of the week after all theres still 3 whole days to soon and thanks once again

At 10:33 AM, Blogger Bella said...

i really discovered the phrase 'fluid retention' once I did Sues program and understood finally how certain 'foods' react to my body. I finished on 49kg and blew up to 54kg after my holidays -I could not wear rings on my fingers!! Totaly freaked but now back to normal (52kg). Hate scales though - fluctate and vary all the time - stick to mm on the caliper. xx


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