Friday, October 14, 2005

FREE (freakin' doing my head in) MEAL

Is it just me - or do 'free meals' do other peoples heads in?....

Yes having some bread before dinner is yummo
Yes having a pasta for dinner is yummo
Yes having a glass of red with dinner is yummo
Yes having banana ice cream after dinner is yummo

I am not 'stuffed to the rim' - I stopped knowing if I did over eat, I would be more than freakin'...everything was reasonably portioned...

It must be my years of eating disorder thoughts & actions that still haunt me - making me believe I am reverting back to 'the dark days' of bad nutrition and awful consequences...

I used to have a really bad habit of constantly looking at my tummy - particularly after eating - as if I had suddenly developed 2 belly buttons to compensate for food expansion - stupid I know - and also stupid because I now do this after free meals!! AAAGHR!!

Take a deeeep breath and know that I work hard and deserve to have the 'nutrition break.' Have to say one thing though - I have promised myself that the 'free meal' I do have is of the best ingredients...why eat shit chocolate when you can have the best (green and black is my favourite) and reaaallllly enjoy it!...ok shit chocolate will also do sometimes!!!!

Off to watch some tv - god I am addicted to CSI!


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