Saturday, October 08, 2005

Am I officially obsessed?

Have now started to take photos of my meals....
My boyfriend thinks Im a little obsessed...I just call it organised...passionate...

- 100g lamb
- raw asparagus & zucchini
- 1/2 cup organic corn
- no salt/ dressing
Ok - sounds uninspiring but was actually quite tasty! I am 'getting back to basics' with my nutrition - and I feel better for it! Making the effort to really enjoy the taste of my veggies in their natural state - although cream-dill sauce would have been a delicious addition....

Meal 4: SHAKE!
- 30g protein powder & plain ol' water and a snazy pink straw for personality...
Easy Peasy. Was thinking about making an egg-white omelete but couldnt be bothered. Separating 5 yolks from their whites is quite an art - and dangerous! - I sliced my little finger on an egg shell the other day - lucky I didnt need stitches!

- 150g lamb (yes again)
- raw asparagus & zucchini
- 2 baby tomatoes & 2 sliced mushroom
- 3 little pickled cucumbers chopped
- fresh dill & spring onion (straight from my grandfathers garden!)
- 1tbs seeded mustard
Delicious! Could really taste the dill - my favourite herb - felt like I was back on the Greek Islands...almost!


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