Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cardio Crazy

You know since I started my first program with Sue I have only missed 1 weights session!! - not from laziness but from a shitty flu - the thought of not going doesnt even cross my mind! BUT I do have 'issues' with laziness regarding cardio!! Aaaghr!

Why!? I know cardio is awesome in reducing body fat but still I 'ho-hum' at the thought. I think its beause I am getting bored - and probably not pushing myself as much as I could - should. There are more variables involved - weather situation if wanting to train outside - waiting for someone to get off the cardio machine at the gym - injuries - boredom and maybe some more boredom...

SOOOOOO I have decided to freshen up my cardio -
I will be doing 4 cardio variations:

1. HIIT HOTTIE(20mins)
Will be following the chart as mentioned below - I love this session beause the intensity increases with every minute and I 'cheer in my head' each time I reach the peak.

This is a great one from Sue. The only problem is my toes go so numb in the last 5-10mins! Does this happen to anyone else!!?
- Warm up at light resistance for 5 minutes
- Increase to medium resistance for 5 minutes
- Increase to higher resistance for 5 minutes
- Decrease to light resistance for 5 minutes
- Increase to medium resistance for 10 minutes
- Decrease to light resistance for 5 minutes

I could no loner run on the treadmill for 45mins straight - nothing could help my boredom - not even watching in amazement how many people lift weights incorrectly...
So here is my new routine:
- 5mins skip
- 20mins treadmill
- 20mins elliptic
- 5mins skip

This one relies on good weather - even though its heading into summer the weather in Victoria is so random!! Again, I have taken this one from Sue - its quite good - but I count the seconds in my head...should probably carry a little stop watch...
- 5mins warm up
- 30mins run 1min/ walk 1min
- 5mins warm down


At 12:30 AM, Blogger Monica said...

Yes, my toes go numb as well and the Elliptical bothers the top of my feet as well. They start to go numb. I sometimes wonder if that's why some of the people I watch do it incorrectly lift their heels up. But, knowing that isn't correct form and won't help my glutes, I keep the heels down.


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