Monday, October 24, 2005

10 in 10 Challenge

Ok - so you havent heard from me for a couple of days...only because I have been coming to grips with this freakin 'condition' (it was the nicest description I could use) called ITB.

I have been unable to do cardio for 6 days...i repeat 6 DAYS!!!! Until 2 days ago I could not walk down 1 step - now you understand why I have been keeping low - either that or people will get to see me FREAK OUT!!! (which only my boyfriend has the honour of witnessing...)

Anyway, I was excited today - yes, because the pain in my knee was easing to just a dull stab - but also because Jon Benson had started a blog!

'Jon is an internationally recognized transformation lifecoach, specializing in mental strategies for the excellence lifestyle, fat-burning nutrition and superior physical fitness. His first e-book, "Fit Over 40", shot to number 2 within less than a week and continues to grow in popularity. The book profiles 52 real-life "role models" who have transformed their bodies at various ages, ranging from 40 to 80.'

Jons mission / goal with The 10 in 10 Challenge is three-fold:


Have to say those 3 words are enough to motivate me into getting involved in the challenge - remember its a LIFESTYLE choice not just a shitty FAD - and Jon is for keeps!!

Check it out - its easy to read, informative and motivating - another blog to add to your favourites!


At 12:02 PM, Blogger Kaddy said...

gone there for a look now! sorry to hear about your condition... got fingers and toes crossed for your speedy recovery!


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