Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Mouse Poo Magic

I could not control my laughter and consequently spat my breakfast oats all over the morning newspapers...

'While eating, activate your coach and place it at inconspicuous location on your table'....does this look freakin inconspicous to you guys? it looks like mouse poo from mars!!! Read on...taken from The Age Sunday Life Magazine...

' The timy gizmo known as the Powerseed is, believe it or not, an eating coach. Designed to help you slow down your munching, as you'll feel fuller faster by placing yourself, the gadget - which costs $66 and is placed on the table infront of you - flashes a green light every 30 seconds to inform you its time to take the next bite. Every 5 minutes, it sends a different signal - a 3 second light - to make you question whether or not you're still hungry or just eating for the sake of it. Not recommended for first dates or meet-the-parents dinners.'



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