Sunday, October 16, 2005


Today I have NEW GOALS!!

Since I returned from my Greek Odyssey almost 4 weeks ago - I have not put 100% into my program. I blame 'stale goals' for this lack of focus. Before my holiday I was motivated by my bikinis - after my holiday I wasnt too sure...

Not anymore!! THIS IS A LIFE PROGRAM!! I have stopped thinking 'only for 12 weeks' and now focus on 'this is how I want to be for the rest of my life!'

The last straw was last night when I was SHAKEN (using the kind of force when salt wont come out of its container)into this new goal setting mind set.

I had been 'picking' on 'this and that' all day (sugar shit)and started to feel really crap. But oh no - the sugar spikes and energy crashes werent enough - so I then order Indian for dinner!! Im not going to even write what I ate - but it was NOT GOOD! For this, I suffered ALL NIGHT - stomach cramps, gas, headache and grouchy mood swings. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

I have put in place 'strategys' to achieve my 'new goals' - and lucky me I have my fantastic boyfriend who is happy to support me all the way (god I love him!)I also have Jillian Michael from The Biggest Loser - who has also agreed to support me as my new fridge 'pin up girl' - who is ready to yell every time I look at her: 'TEAM RED BEATLE IS A WINNER!'

phew - so as I said, that is that...and this is me now - on the WINNING road!


At 3:23 PM, Blogger Kaddy said...

hey gorgeous good work! Don't beat yourself up - we all fall off at one time or another - and you know what - you're already well on your way to keeping this focuse for life because you cared enough to jump back on the horse and start riding! Life is not about eating the right food all the life...if you stuff up don't stress.
P.S I totally know where you're coming from! You're not alone. I actually forget how crappy that food makes you feel! Dan tried to get fish and chips twice on the weekend...normally i would have gone a long with it, but this weekend i didn't, because i think deep in my sub conscious mind i can remember how CRAP i felt last itme i ate it, and i'm pretty sure i had terrible flatulance for about 3 days! GOD GROSS! no wonder i turned them down... lmao!


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