Thursday, October 27, 2005

Snail (elliptic) Trail

Today is a cardio day - which means nothing to me right now. Yes, still have the ITB thing going on. Strangely though I feel ok - I actually feel strong!! I felt fantastic during yesterdays weights and my nutrition has been spot on! Ive been stretching like a yoga master and fingers crossed my ITB will be better by next week -IT WILL BE BETTER!!

Cant believe its only 9 weeks until NYE! HOLY COW! At least for the first time ever my new years resolution wont be 'to be healthy/start exercising/eat better blah blah blah.' Cool - so I will have new goals :-) !!!

Hey, did I tell you guys I bought a 'elliptic trainer' from my gym!!?!! WOOOHOOO!!
So exciting! The owner of the gym is upgrading his cardio equipment and sold me the elliptic trainer for $250 - I thought that was a great price! It has a digital face/timer and works perfect! Now its just working out how the hell to transport the monster to my apartment! (it looks like a huge snail) I already have a spot for it - right under the airconditioner - right infront of the tv - right in the middle of my apartment!! To say it will be a 'feature piece is an understatement!!

Will have it just in time for my full ITB recovery...any day now!!!!


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